Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA

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Spirit and Values Embodied

BCCY has been a resonating icon of joy for campers, alumni and staff for over 100 years. Our mission was to translate this reputation into meaningful branding and communications. The result was an updated brand platform that inspires their website, annual reports, alumni communications, development campaigns and overall marketing. Our relationship with BCCY includes on-going site maintenance/management, and content and campaign development that truly embody the rustic spirit and traditional values that BCCY provides to its family of campers.

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Natalie Zembrzuski


I enjoyed being a part of the TDG family. Calls with Johanna, Ramona and Jane were like calls with old friends! We seemed to connect well and it did not take us long to figure out what was wanted, needed and how to get an incredible result. Johanna and I learned very quickly what it’s like to re-design a website-thanks for the help Carmine!