branding and product line introductions


Improving Lives One Product at a Time

3M is a global innovation company whose inventions have improved the lives of millions all over the world. Since 2002, we have been supporting the Purification division with branding and product line introductions, training and promotional videos, advertising, public relations and overall marketing communications.


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Frank Rossi


The one project that they recently worked on for us was a concept called the “Restaurant of the Future.” It was a very high-tech water treatment plant for an entire restaurant. We planned to feature the concept at a major trade show in February. I called The Donaldson Group in January and explained to them what we needed. Not only did the team get it done but it turned out to be a work of art! After the show was over, I had it shipped back and the engineers were absolutely floored about how nice it turned out. It is now in our lab and no one wants to disassemble it. It’s sort of like a monument!