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Your Business Principles Apply Online

(Part Two)

by Dave Calibey, Digital Media Director of Donaldson Group

In the last post, I shared that good business people know the principles that bring about success online. They simply need to apply the same principles they use to drive their real-world business success. I covered the first five of 10 in that post. Here are the next five.

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The Value of Design

Recently a friend and I were discussing how many consumers buy outfits right off of store displays instead of coordinating an outfit on their own. There are several reasons shoppers take the easy way out and simply rely on a retailer’s suggestions: time, lack of creativity, less hassle, to name a few.

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Jaye Donaldson Acknowledged in Graphic Design: USA

Jaye Donaldson President, Donaldson Group

Jaye Donaldson

The Donaldson Group, which claims bragging rights as “Connecticut’s First Design Firm,” is celebrating its 50th year in business. Formed as Industrial Design Consultants by Bill Gamble, Bruce Bradshaw and Dick Russell, IDC was well-known for industrial design for the consumer packaged goods and manufacturing industries. The firm’s work even landed on the moon, with gloves and helmet it designed for the nation’s first space suit.

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50 Quotes on Donaldson

Kent Seeley, PTA Plastics: We continue to be “blown away” with what we have seen so far! Each time we get together with The Donaldson Group solidifies that we made the “right choice”!

Suzette Roberts, Cox Communications: Cox Business identified opportunity in some of our industry segments based on third party research. We approached Co-Communications, who partnered with the Donaldson Group, to create a brand new approach

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The Donaldson Group Rebrands PTA Plastics


Donaldson Group, a nationally recognized image communications firm, has recently rebranded PTA Plastics, an industry leader in custom injection molding solutions for companies such as Apple, Coca-Cola, GE, iRobot, Siemens, Zoll Medical and others.

PTA Plastics realizes sophisticated product design,

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