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How to Avoid the Communication Danger Zone

Everyone has moments at work (and at home) where a person or situation sets us off, shifting our energy from warm and open to red hot. When we feel a strong swell of anger come over us, oftentimes it’s not the immediate situation that caused the anger, but rather we are being triggered by a vague resemblance to a situation from the past. When this happens, we enter into the Communication Danger Zone.

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Effective Communication Helps Organizations Across the Entire Operational Spectrum

Investor Presentations

The investor presentation is one of the most powerful and cost effective communication platforms a company can use to educate institutional money managers on its investment thesis. Irrespective of industry or investment style, the financial community approaches investment opportunities in a similar manner and the investor presentation enables companies to set the stage and provide strategy and operational context, as well as key financial objectives. According to investors, the investor deck is the leading source of information, rated equal to meeting with C-suite management.

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How to Avoid the Right Answers to the Wrong Questions

The internationally acclaimed venture capitalist, businessman, philanthropist, songwriter and musician, Bono once famously lamented “We thought we had the answers, it was the questions we had wrong!”

This confirms our theory that regardless of how diligent your process is to arrive at the right solution, if the basis upon which you’re making decisions is flawed, not only will the solution or end deliverable but wrong, but it will be a huge waste of valuable resources. How can this be avoided?

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Five Rules for Life and Design

“In reality there is perhaps no one of our natural passions so hard to subdue as pride. Disguise it, struggle with it, beat it down, stifle it as much as we please, it is still alive, and as will now and then peek out and show itself.”
–Ben Frankllin

Tomorrow my amazing daughter will graduate from high school. The ceremony will be held at my Alma Mater.  I thought I would write her a letter filled with admiration and advice, so I compiled some rules to live by and wrote them down for her. As I was writing them down, I felt I needed to share them.

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It's not about the Nail

How to Sell a Product That No One Knows They Need

To sell a product that no one knows they need, you need to ask questions, and find out what your customer perceives as a problem. Don’t act like you know what their problems are. Present your product as a solution to a problem that people know they have. But this is easier said than done. In this viral video, a women is complaining that her head hurts and her boyfriend says, well there is a nail in your head. And she says, “It’s not about the nail.” Take a quick watch not only for a laugh, but a clever sales and marketing metaphor.

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The Secret Sauce in Emotional Trigger Research

Emotional Trigger Research Increases New Business Closure Rate by 30%

In our last podcast Jaye Donaldson asked Linda Goodman what the “Secret Sauce” is in Emotional Trigger Research. We heard an example of a real market research question in a B2C industry that uncovered something surprising, but very valuable. We’ve got another dose of “Secret Sauce” for you, this time focusing on a B2B industry. Take 6 minutes to learn how a company used Emotional Trigger Research to increase their new business closure rate by 30%.

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CMOs Need a Seat at the Table

If there’s a constant drumbeat I’ve encountered in over 30 years in the marketing communications business, it’s the inability of corporate marketing communicators and brand managers to establish a presence and a voice with the key decision makers in their organization. Many say they’re not part of the C-Suite; and, if they are, they’re prone to admit they’re not always appreciated as business catalysts by the executive team.

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Use Email to Start Conversations that Lead to Conversions

Think about the different conversations you have with people you’ve just met, friends you’ve known forever, people older than you, and people younger than you. Your company’s email list might include people that fall into each of those 4 categories. Do you keep track of the differences between your customers and leads and think about these when you craft your email content? Personalized emails deliver 6 times more revenue and transaction rates than non-personalized emails (Experian).

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Don't keep your thoughts locked away.

The Content Complex

As I was writing my last post, I was intrigued by the love/hate relationship everyone seems to have with Content. I’ve authored countless client blog posts, white papers, websites, guides, ad copy, brochures; you name it, I’ve had my head buried in it. But when I look back a mere week ago to when I was writing my own inaugural blog post, I’m plagued with unsettling memories of racking my brain for the perfect topic, staring at a blank computer screen, writing and re-writing intros, and going off on unrelated tangents. Basically doing everything but actually writing. So it got me thinking; in a time where content is saturating the market, why is it so hard to come up with content ideas and, ultimately, create said content?

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