Happy National Boss’s Day to Our Inspirational Leader

It’s National Boss’s Day. So, our team took some time to express the ways in which our boss, Jaye Donaldson, President & CEO of Donaldson Group, inspires us. Jaye is the ultimate example of a great boss, and we all feel very fortunate to call her ours!

How Our Boss Inspires Us:

Jim Kieffer, VP of Digital Marketing & Client Engagement: It’s inspiring and fun to work with a marketing veteran like Jaye… she is a true pro who understands and cares about her staff and clients.

Ramona Mansfield, Digital Media Developer: There are many reasons why Jaye is a wonderful boss. But more than that, she is a great leader. She helps each of us realize our true potential, thus growing Donaldson Group to bigger and better things! And we can bring our dogs to work – what’s better than that?

Corey Hansen, Account Manager: Jaye has created a workplace environment that truly encourages each of us to be more than just employees. She empowers all of us to take stake in the company and pushes us to grow, both in our roles here and as individuals.

Lisa DeSeno, Associate Creative Director: Sometimes I feel like Jaye (and John) are our parents. I don’t think of Jaye as a boss, but more as an inspirational leader. Jaye has a way of making us all feel motivated to do more and have fun doing it. I have so much respect for Jaye, mostly because she is truly real. Motivational as a professional and inspirational as a human being. You’re awesome Jaye!

Hiro Itoh, Technology Manager: Jaye is a very strong leader. Her unique and forward thinking has proven to be successful throughout the years, furthering the success of Donaldson Group. She is also very generous when it comes to her employees and clients.

Brendan Onthank, UI/UX Designer: Jaye is a great boss because she takes the time to listen, and values each individual opinion and insight. She is always looking for ways to help people grow and gets the best out of people.

Bethany Frasco, Office Manager: There are so many wonderful things to say about Jaye as a boss.  She has inspired me so much as a strong, successful businesswoman that truly cares for her clients and employees. She loves to see her employees succeed and is willing to help out in any way she can to see them grow professionally. Thank you Jaye for all you do!!

Samantha Molodetz, Marketing/Social Media Manager: I just recently began working at Donaldson Group, and have already learned so much because of the collaborative work environment Jaye encourages. Jaye is a great role model, both professionally and personally. I love being part of the team she has created and look forward to what I’ll learn next!