How to Avoid the Communication Danger Zone

Everyone has moments at work (and at home) where a person or situation sets us off, shifting our energy from warm and open to red hot. When we feel a strong swell of anger come over us, oftentimes it’s not the immediate situation that caused the anger, but rather we are being triggered by a vague resemblance to a situation from the past. When this happens, we enter into the Communication Danger Zone.

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Effective Communication Helps Organizations Across the Entire Operational Spectrum

Investor Presentations

The investor presentation is one of the most powerful and cost effective communication platforms a company can use to educate institutional money managers on its investment thesis. Irrespective of industry or investment style, the financial community approaches investment opportunities in a similar manner and the investor presentation enables companies to set the stage and provide strategy and operational context, as well as key financial objectives. According to investors, the investor deck is the leading source of information, rated equal to meeting with C-suite management.

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How to Avoid the Right Answers to the Wrong Questions

The internationally acclaimed venture capitalist, businessman, philanthropist, songwriter and musician, Bono once famously lamented “We thought we had the answers, it was the questions we had wrong!”

This confirms our theory that regardless of how diligent your process is to arrive at the right solution, if the basis upon which you’re making decisions is flawed, not only will the solution or end deliverable but wrong, but it will be a huge waste of valuable resources. How can this be avoided?

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Keep Your Cool - Emotional Intelligence

5 Mistakes Emotionally Intelligent People Never Make

We want to shake things up a bit, so we are pleased to introduce Cloris Kylie, a professional performance coach, as our first monthly guest blogger. We hope to cover many topics outside of our branding and digital marketing sweet spot by sharing thoughts authored by our partners, friends, clients and advisors. Thank you for your interest!

“Emotional Intelligence Quotient” or EQ has become such a buzzword that we often tune out when we hear it. Many of us perceive “emotional intelligence” as a clever term to convince us to be more empathetic.

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