Get Big Fast and Do More Good with Ido Leffler

Last week, our team attended the “Get Big Fast and Do More Good” lecture at the University of Hartford with Ido Leffler, the cofounder of natural beauty-care company, Yes To Inc. In addition to providing people with natural beauty products made with fruits and veggies, Yes To strongly believes in giving back. Their mission is to “say YES TO super-natural beauty products that work, spread smiles, and give back.” Leffler’s passion for building a successful business that gives back spoke to us and left us feeling motivated. We love collaborating with other passionate and creative minds, and believe it’s these partnerships that allow us to produce our best work (and makes the long phone calls and meetings more enjoyable).

Leffler spoke about three factors he attributes to business success:

1. Awesome Employees

No one can run a successful business alone, no matter how caffeinated they are. Behind every great President, CEO and business owner is a team of passionate and dedicated employees who make it all possible. Leffler wasn’t shy about admitting that without the support of his team, he wouldn’t be where he is today. Taking the time to find the right people for your business is crucial. Don’t settle. Hire only A-team players. Great employees will work hard, not just for a paycheck, but for the success of the business if they believe in the company and its social mission.

2. Kickass Product

With the explosion of digital media, consumers now have the ability to talk to their large social networks about companies that they like and don’t like. If someone tweets about hating your product/service, that person’s friends and family will most likely be staying away from you. Leffler talked in detail about making sure to always keep the promises he makes when it comes to his products. His reputation for always following through has provided him with many opportunities. If he tells Walgreens that he can deliver 10,000 boxes of Yes To products by Monday, you better believe he’s going to make it happen. Take the time to develop quality products/services that people can trust and rely on. Happy customers equal free brand promotion.

3. A Great Cause

Corporate responsibility is becoming a business practice that can’t be ignored. In today’s digitally focused, information-rich culture, consumers can hold companies accountable for their actions. People now demand more from their brands. Aside from having a great product or service, companies are expected to give back. In 2011, Huffington Post reported that 70% of the companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange now publish corporate responsibilities reports, which is twice as many from five years earlier. Companies like Toms Shoes and Warby Parker are beginning to change the game by structuring their entire business model around giving back. This rise in corporate accountability has been largely driven by young people. In a 2003 World Bank Institute study, 85% of youth said they pay attention to corporate behavior and 50% said they make purchasing decisions based on social responsibility. Having a strong company mission and a cause that you believe in can actually help you sell your products/services.

To learn more about Ido Leffler and his path to success, check out his book, “Get Big Fast and Do More Good: Start Your Business, Make It Huge and Change the World.”