Donaldson Group Ramps Up Its Digital Marketing Expertise

Focusing on mobile and inbound marketing with a team of digital experts

The Donaldson Group, a nationally recognized strategic branding and digital agency, continues to grow its digital marketing capabilities with the recent addition of Jim Kieffer, VP of Digital Marketing & Client Engagement; Brendan Onthank, UI/UX Designer; Hiro Itoh, Technology Manager; and Samantha Molodetz, Social Media Strategist.

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Your Business Principles Apply Online

(Part Two)

by Dave Calibey, Digital Media Director of Donaldson Group

In the last post, I shared that good business people know the principles that bring about success online. They simply need to apply the same principles they use to drive their real-world business success. I covered the first five of 10 in that post. Here are the next five.

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The Value of Design

Recently a friend and I were discussing how many consumers buy outfits right off of store displays instead of coordinating an outfit on their own. There are several reasons shoppers take the easy way out and simply rely on a retailer’s suggestions: time, lack of creativity, less hassle, to name a few.

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