It's not about the Nail

How to Sell a Product That No One Knows They Need

To sell a product that no one knows they need, you need to ask questions, and find out what your customer perceives as a problem. Don’t act like you know what their problems are. Present your product as a solution to a problem that people know they have. But this is easier said than done. In this viral video, a women is complaining that her head hurts and her boyfriend says, well there is a nail in your head. And she says, “It’s not about the nail.” Take a quick watch not only for a laugh, but a clever sales and marketing metaphor.

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Use Email to Start Conversations that Lead to Conversions

Think about the different conversations you have with people you’ve just met, friends you’ve known forever, people older than you, and people younger than you. Your company’s email list might include people that fall into each of those 4 categories. Do you keep track of the differences between your customers and leads and think about these when you craft your email content? Personalized emails deliver 6 times more revenue and transaction rates than non-personalized emails (Experian).

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7 Reasons You Need Marketing Automation

The internet is producing data that will help you close new business, generate leads and satisfy your customers’ need for information. And the data is there for you to take – data on what your customers are buying, where they spend their time online, who they are following, and what excites them most. You too can find, analyze and use this data effectively, but if you’re not using a marketing automation platform, chances are you’re not accessing most of what’s available to you.
If that doesn’t scare you, here are 7 reasons why you need marketing automation:

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The Most Overrated Marketing Tactic

In a survey of thousands of marketers from big and small companies across the world, HubSpot’s report, The State of Inbound, has concluded that Paid Advertising, as in commercials, billboards, magazine ads, ect, is what most marketers consider overrated. The most surprising thing about this statistic is that even the big guys that ARE paying for flashy advertisements are admitting that these tactics are overrated.

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Apple, IBM, Nike, all have Great UPVs

What Great Brands Do That Yours Doesn’t (But Should)

Think of a great brand – one that you love and might aspire to. Think Apple, Nike or even IBM. They didn’t begin as big companies with millions to spend on marketing and advertising. No, they began with something quite different – a great idea. One that was innovative, different and perhaps even better than the competition. At the core of every great brand lies a great product or service.

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Banks can market to Millennials

4 Ways Banks Can Market to Millennials

Millennials, aka Americans born between 1980 and the mid-2000s, are the largest generation in the U.S., representing one-third of the total U.S. population in 2013. Their assets are growing and they are unhappy with the banking industry. If banks focus their marketing techniques on ideas and approaches that resonate with this younger generation, they might not only reap the benefits of new customers, they might gain brand evangelists.

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Is Remarketing Right for Your Business?

We’ve all had it happen – you’re on a website looking at a product and you leave to go to another website. Then, like magic, the site you just left begins feeding you ads about the product you just researched. What you’ve experienced is a digital marketing strategy called remarketing

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