Building and growing healthy brands

Welcome to Donaldson Group

We’re a marketing agency focused on building and creatively expressing healthy brands across the digital landscape. Each client engagement begins with a clear understanding of the company’s brand so we can help it succeed. Using a focused strategy, unique content and visual design, we actively market our clients’ offerings, using integrated marketing tactics. The result: more relevant leads, increased sales and a full understanding of pertinent marketing data to foster continuous improvement.

Core Values

Our Core Values are the soul of Donaldson Group and guide us in our decisions on who we hire, how we treat one another, the clients we choose to work with, the kind of work we do and the reputation we have in our communities.


to one another, our clients and our partners by being totally engaged and maintaining our promise to deliver high-level outcomes.

A Collaborative

culture ensures open, honest dialog, and shared respect toward common goals of accomplishment.


creates a balanced, healthy environment where our best selves and our most creative work can thrive.


and energy fuel our relationships, curiosity and passion for what we do.


motivates us to make hard decisions, think outside the box and always do the right thing.

50 years & Counting

Our roots are deep, starting in 1961 as an industrial design firm that designed the gloves, boots and helmet worn by the first NASA astronauts who landed on the moon; to helicopter interiors for Sikorsky, candy bars for Cadbury and golf clubs for TaylorMade. Today, we continue to create experiences that transform brands and grow businesses with measurable results.

A Proven Process

Our vision and methodology for delivering results relies on insightful collaboration with our clients; developing a comprehensive understanding of their organization, the industries and markets they serve; and listening to their challenges and what matters most to being successful.

Lay the Groundwork
Gather Insights
Research & Assimilate

Visual Identity
Determine Goals

Translate Insights
Visualize Solutions

Informed Messaging & Visuals
Appropriate Channels

Establish Measures
Continuous Analytics

Strategic Partners



Co-Communications is an award-winning public relations and marketing firm dedicated to delivering exceptional PR services, marketing communications campaigns and advertising solutions that produce results. Serving clients in CT, NYC and Westchester NY.

Linda Goodman

Linda Goodman

Linda Goodman, co-author of "Why Customers Really Buy: Uncovering the Emotional Triggers that Drive Sales," is the Principal of LG Associates, a research, marketing and strategy firm based in Connecticut. She is the nationally recognized pioneer of Emotional Trigger Research.



As a Certified Partner, we leverage HubSpot to create highly successful inbound marketing campaigns for clients who want to gain a competitive advantage. When combined with a strategic approach and deliberate implementation, the HubSpot platform is a game changer.

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