50 Quotes on Donaldson

Kent Seeley, PTA Plastics: We continue to be “blown away” with what we have seen so far! Each time we get together with The Donaldson Group solidifies that we made the “right choice”!

Suzette Roberts, Cox Communications: Cox Business identified opportunity in some of our industry segments based on third party research. We approached Co-Communications, who partnered with the Donaldson Group, to create a brand new approach that would focus on five of these segments. This is our first industry-specific campaign that has been executed with this level of planning and media integration. We really appreciate the creativity and commitment that Donaldson brings to this project. We’ve very excited to see how the campaign performs and look forward to sharing results with our Cox Business counterparts in other regions.

Greg Hanoush, Next Step Communications: I worked with Donaldson last year on a new website project for a client; it went very well. I enjoyed working with Johanna and Carmine, they were terrific to work with and very professional.

Brenda Marsian, Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA: We received a ‘wow’ from our chair of the board. I don’t think our constituents have received a publication this nice and informative. Thanks for your help, Donaldson.

Lisa Wilson-Foley: The Donaldson team goes the extra mile. At a brainstorming meeting with my managers, they were able to connect with health care experts who had little marketing knowhow or experience to create a knockout website.

Frank Rossi, Cuno/3M: The one project that they recently worked on for us was a concept called the “Restaurant of the Future.” It was a very high-tech water treatment plant for an entire restaurant. We planned to feature the concept at a major trade show in February. I called The Donaldson Group in January and explained to them what we needed. Not only did the team get it done but it turned out to be a work of art! After the show was over, I had it shipped back and the engineers were absolutely floored about how nice it turned out. It is now in our lab and no one wants to disassemble it. It’s sort of like a monument!

Francesco Lowe, Cheairs: We were in search of a company to give us an amazing website. Jaye and the gang were at my house within a few days and we had things completely mapped out within 2 weeks! The turnaround time was excellent – we had worked very closely with them to get precisely what we want. We have had nothing but excellent experiences working with Jaye and TDG.

Susan Nolte, May Cookie Company: The Donaldson Group created a fabulous marketing image for us of an old fashion kitchen timer that incorporated our logo. It was a great, innovative design and we continue to use it and elements of the award-winning packaging they designed for us.

Wes Todd: One night we had some work to get done, I was pretty tired but Jaye insisted we meet. Once we finished some work she asked if I wanted to have a drink. Of course I agreed. We headed to the Farmington Country Club and, to my surprise, walked into my 70th surprise birthday party. It was an incredible night. The Donaldson Group was a part of Loctite and, certainly, a part of my life.

David Johndrow, Farmington Bank: When I think of the Donaldson Group, I think about the energy and creativity that Jaye, John and Chet’s team brought to every concept, line of copy and design element! Great people with great ideas and execution! Congratulations on doing a great job for all of your clients over the past 50 years! Keep up the good work!

Natalie Zembrzuski, YMCA: I enjoyed becoming a part of the TDG family. Calls with Johanna, Ramona and Jane were like calls with old friends! We seemed to connect well and it did not take us long to figure out what was wanted, needed and how to get an incredible result. I am certain of two things…1) Ramona does not miss putting together 8 program guides every 7 weeks and, 2) 1st time is always a charm….Johanna and I learned very quickly what it’s like to re-design a website-thanks for the help Carmine!

David Brouillette, Allied Printing: Back in 1987 I made the jump from plant management to sales. Gamble and Bradshaw was my first customer. Over the years I have noticed that their unique design process and attention to detail leads to outstanding performance. As the company has evolved and the name modified, their core principles have remained consistent and the quality of work outstanding.

Stacey Cohen, Co-Communications: We were looking for office space in Simsbury, CT during a rain storm and happened upon signage for a vacant space. My colleague and I walked into TDG office drenched and were soon greeted by Jaye Donaldson who couldn’t be more welcoming, helpful and professional. Although we ended up taking space in the downtown, we knew immediately that this was the beginning of a lifetime relationship. We are thrilled to be part of their 50th celebration and wish them all the best and then some!

Chuck Bourget, Bourget Research: A year or two ago, Jaye and John attended one of the charity gigs that our band was playing in West Hartford Center. Jaye had danced up a storm and was sitting solo at one of the tables encircling the dance floor. When the band took a break, I went to the table behind her to say hi to two youthful bachelor friends of mine from NYC who had been taking in the scene. Within seconds, they asked if I knew who the hot blond was sitting at the next table. I looked over and saw that it was Jaye. I smiled, went over to Jaye, knelt down beside her, and whispered “Don’t look now, but my buddies from New York behind you think you’re hot.” Jaye blushed a smidge, smiled, and said, “Wow – that makes my week!”

Janet Peckinpaugh, Peckinpaugh Media Group: John was on location with me shooting a commercial for Cox Business and stopped me to point out that the actor needed to adjust his tie. I loved it. I never would have noticed but John said after years of shooting commercials for IBM executives…the tie was most important piece of a man’s wardrobe and had to be perfect.

Anne Rinaldo, AR Media Services: Working a variety of projects over the years has been a lot of fun! From water filters to insurance to food to exercise to telecommunications, technology & fitness; we have covered at lot of territory. Where else could we meet for lunch and actually get a tour of the kitchen at Max Fish at noontime to see the Cuno water filter in operation!

Jessica Lyon, Co-Communications: Working with TDG has been filled with memorable moments – from late nights putting together RFPs to fun trips to trade shows to experiencing the recent earthquake together (we thought our work was groundbreaking!). The time we first met Jaye and the team we clicked instantly. From that moment on we’ve had tons of fun producing great work together over the last five years and I look forward to more fun times and fantastic projects in the future! A big congrats and a happy half century anniversary to our friends at TDG!

Stephen Malloy: The Donaldson Group has been a pleasure to work with. I mostly work with the interactive team and their insight into emerging technologies has helped me expand my skill set. They’ve been a pleasure to work with!

Rick Braithwaite, ADPF/Sandstrom Design: I have known Jaye Donaldson for more than 16 years thanks to APDF. We were Board members for several years, and I was constantly impressed with her professionalism, commitment and honesty. She was also lots of fun. I’d like to congratulate Jaye, and her team, on their 50th anniversary, and wish them the greatest of success for the next 50.

Johanna Peck, The Donaldson Group: In looking back over the years, one of my favorite TDG memories was our team building retreats. From white water rafting, to cooking contests, to high ropes courses — they never disappoint! We always have such a good time together, we are “working” and don’t even realize it. We’ve had a LOT of laughs and learned a lot about each other, which is important in our small environment.

Diane Smith, The Donaldson Group: My first moment…was about a month after I started. It was the first company “Christmas party” I was attending. It was in the entrance room of the original office in Farmington. It was the first time I realized what a special company it was – like family. All the employees were with their families and some of our “special clients” and their families. Santa made an appearance with toys for all the children while adults had a gift exchange. You could tell that everyone was comfortable and cared for each other be it a co-worker or client – something that is still prevalent today and part of our company culture.

Sheila LaPeirre: I have many great memories of working at TDG but some of my favorites were of John Donaldson presenting a platform or design. He is such a skilled presenter and it was so great to see the look on the clients faces at the end of a presentation when he/TDG nailed it! Also, Jaye has such a great strategic sense. I was always so confident the campaign we were suggesting was going to help the client achieve their goals. Alas, I think everyone can share their first memory of driving to their first client meeting with John Donaldson….especially if you were late….let’s just say he fancies himself a driver of the caliber of Mario Andretti!

Doug Strickler: My favorite moments were being with Chet, Jaye and John at the annual Design Management Institute gatherings on the Cape. These 3-4 days sessions always yielded nuggets of professional insight and industry thought leadership but, more importantly, I relished being in a beautiful setting and relaxed atmosphere with my good friends and colleagues from The Donaldson Group. Hands down, DMI on the Cape is my signature memory.

Jim Aresco: My favorite memory is working with Bill Gamble on the last project he was involved in. It was the week of Christmas (which normally everyone takes off) when Jaye came in to inform us that Snapple offered us a chance to design a label for a new line of natural, clear soft drinks. Catch was it had to be done over the holidays. Bill and I were the two that stepped up for the project. The two of us designed a few concepts and I think (not sure) Chet came to the presentation. The two owners of Snapple at the time were tough to present to because they would walk in and out of their meetings to check on related items. But after presenting our concepts they picked one and said “I didn’t know what were looking for, (pointing to one concept) now I do!” That was a good day! The next meeting they walked in saying, “we are rich men.” When we left the office we saw bottles of Dom Perignon on all the desks. That was the day they sold their company to an investment firm.

Jillian Iannicelli: Working for The Donaldson Group has provided me with invaluable life skills and a jump start in my professional career. Not only have I learned from everyone I worked with at TDG, but I’ve made lifelong friends. Jaye is a unique example of a strong woman, leader and friend – someone who I’ll always aspire to be more like and a boss I’ll never forget.

Adriana Gutierrez, KPG: I would like to thank you for all your hard work, creativity and patience with the project. It was a challenging one.

Mike Savage, CEO, Fitness EM: Since 2005, The Donaldson Group has given us branding and packaging solutions that have distinguished us from the market place as an innovative leader dedicated to women’s fitness. Your talent, collaboration, and around-the-clock services are what keep us coming back.

Ronald Nadeau, TEXTnology Corporation: We were impressed with the [GT] videos. Great Job!

Marvin Goldwasser, Continuity Control: If you ever get a chance to work with The Donaldson Group, I’d highly recommend it. They are awesome to work with.

Jodi Olshevski, The Hartford Advance 50 Team: We’re getting a lot of mileage for the work you did for us — it continues to look impressive and provides a great platform to promote our work!

Laura R. Ahlbin, Prematics, Inc: Thanks Jaye…and thanks to everyone. You ladies are wonderful to work with!

Rick Petreycik, Pitney Bowes: I look forward to working with you folks on each and every project we do together – you are the only firm I use.